About the Jewish Journalism Association

The Jewish Journalism Association is a non-hierarchical association of more than 150 traditional journalists worldwide who adhere to long-established journalistic ethics. Members hold divergent opinions and observe different conventions while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism. The association was organized in 2021 to preserve and expand this professionalism worldwide.

Members need not be Jewish (and many are not). They must cover or contribute to coverage of Jewish and Israeli affairs as editors, publishers, correspondents, reporters, authors, contributors, producers, new media professionals, print professionals, graphics and production professionals, commentators, or analysts. Membership is only open to individuals, not publications or organizations.

The JJA’s procedures are based on those of the leading long-established journalistic and publishing organizations. No one can apply to join; as with similar associations, a candidate must be recommended by two existing members. There is no membership cost. As a consultative association, there is no board and no elections.